HONOR | A full-service creative studio  based in Nashville, Tennessee.




We like to team up with people who feel the same way. At Honor we work with only a handful of likeminded clients at a time. This ensures that you get the focus and one-on one attention you deserve. Using thoughtful visual branding, powerful photography and good old-fashioned instincts, we help create strong, intentional brands that fulfill their purpose and do their part—no matter how big or small they may be.

What about website?

Here’s a peek at what we do. Honor’s approach to design involves much more than creating a logo. We develop a brand that is unique to you by digging deep into the message you want to share with your ideal clients. We’ll also give you a customized implementation plan to help to help you become your own brand expert.

We’re an up-close, hands-on, lots-of-personal-attention type shop. In order to stay that way, we only take on a handful of clients at a time. We generally book out about one to two months in advance, but that also depends on your schedule and how quickly you’re ready to begin.



Effective branding creates a feeling. It offers a valuable promise to your audiences. It’s an emotional connection that conveys your passion, values and intention while also building loyalty with your customers.



Your website is a critical connection for your current and future customers. Effective web design leads your audiences on a journey that helps them discover and learn more about your brand story, taking your business to the next level online.



Ideal for entrepreneurs on a tight schedule, this service gives you the power to break into your market with enhanced credibility. Includes a custom, thoughtfully designed Squarespace site and type treatment. Launched in one week.



One hour meeting with the Honor team to improve your brand. We will make suggestions on elevating your website, branding and social media, making you a brand expert by using the tools you have. 



Successful brands invest in a consistent, meaningful relationship with their followers on social media. With the the right tools and branded content, you can grow your following and intensify the voice of your brand.



Photography is one of the most important aspects of your overall brand. It does much more than tell a visual story. Compelling brand imagery speaks for you—starting a conversation that sparks curiosity and imagination.