Please take some time to pull together a collection of visuals for inspiration. This board will be our go-to as we develop the look and feel of your brand.

ONE | Create a PINTEREST board with only 15-20 images. This will help you narrow down your brand look. Pin wisely.

TWO | Pin 3 to 4 of the following: color palette, typography, textures, patterns, and architecture that you’re drawn to. Typography is very important for you to pin.

THREE | Change the description section of each pin. In a couple of words tell us what you like about the pin. Is it the color? The pattern? The typography?

FOUR | We’re looking for a consistent board that has a clear vision of what you want for your brand. Select imagery that fits the look and feel of the brand. We’ve just spent time uncovering the brand’s unique values, so be sure to think about how your ideal client would connect with the inspiration.

FIVE | Once your board is complete make sure it’s not in “Secret” or “Private” mode, then copy and paste the link here:

Here’s an example of HONOR’S original brand board.

Just let us know if you have any questions.


Pinterest Board


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