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Your website is the first online impression of your brand and what you offer. A thoughtful, well-designed site sets you apart from your competition and creates instant credibility for your brand. We start by digging deep with our web discovery to understand your overall goals. It’s important to study how your visitors will navigate and engage throughout your site. Our designers then customize the design and layout each page to keep your visitors returning.





We design on three different platforms and will recommend the best one for you. It all depends on your site map, integrations and budget of your site. All three of these platforms are easy for you to update and we will train you how to do maintenance on your own or you can always hire us when needed.

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What if I also need branding?

Branding is our first phase for any web design project and is a 6 week process. The web design phase can start in parallel with your branding, and depending on the scope of the project, can take between 4-8 weeks for design and development.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which platform is best for me?

The platform we choose ultimately depends on the level of customization, amount and type of content and your overall budget. We utilize Squarespace, Showit/Wordpress and Shopify. To better understand which platform is right for you, reference the link above. We will also cover this in more detail on our introductory call.

How much will this cost?

Each web project is different based on your unique needs for your company. In turn, each web design estimate is customized specifically for your project and is based on your site outline. Once we have your site’s outline, we can build your personalized estimate which takes us a few hours to produce. 

What if I need copy and/or photography for my site?

Although we don’t specialize in copywriting, we have some great resources we can connect you with. Here’s our list of preferred copywriters. We’d love to help capture the essence of your business through photography. You can see some of our past photography projects here. Let us know if you’re interested in a content shoot and we’ll get you more details and pricing. 

How soon can we start?

Our policy is to take on only a small number of clients at a time to ensure quality and our team’s dedication to your project. We generally book 1-2 months in advance. To claim your spot, a 50% retainer is due to initiate the project. From there, the remaining 50% is due when your project is completed and your site is ready to launch.

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Designed with interior designers in mind, thoughtfully crafted to exhibit your services, client projects and expertise with imagery.

Soft yet sophisticated with a feminine design and attention given to every last detail. Ideal for artists with stand-out portfolios. 

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A guide to determine if you are ready to start your new website journey. Find detailed tips, organizational information, and ways to help you, help us, create a beautiful site.


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