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What Happens After Branding?


Kudos to you for making the investment to ensure your business is built upon a solid foundation. You’re now ready to share and implement your branding across all your marketing and advertising channels.

Although each brand is unique and has varying needs, we’d recommend everyone have a website and their top two social platforms at the top of their marketing objectives.


If you have an established website, you’ll want to make sure you take the time to update it with your newly established brand guidelines. This includes your colors, typography, photography based on your visual mood board and, of course, your logos.

This is a great time to take an overall audit of your site to see if this too, needs an evolution to consistently portray your brand’s personality and voice.

We offer custom web design and pre-designed website themes. Learn more about our web design services here.

Learn more about our web design services here.


At Honor, we intentionally design simplified social icons that you can use on your instagram, pinterest and facebook profile images.

Your mood board images should serve as your guide to keep your social feed aesthetically consistent and on-brand. Reference your Brand Discovery often to ensure your voice and tone check back to your brand’s values and you’re speaking directly to your muse when writing captions and hashtags.

We recommend taking an intentional approach to your social posting and downloading a design application that allows you to upload your typefaces, logos and colors. This will ensure consistency when posting to your feed and stories.

You can also use a scheduler like Planoly or Later so your posts are scheduled regularly, but you can also learn valuable insights from the analytics shared regarding your post engagement. Make sure you’re always taking an active approach to timely responses to comments and, above all else, consistency is key!

Learn more about our social packages here.


Now could be the perfect time to send a regular brand newsletter if you aren’t already. This is a great way for your subscribers to feel like they’re receiving added-value from you – share your expertise, inspiration or a recent accolade or newsworthy note. These don’t have to feel like daunting tasks. You can establish certain types of content that you regularly share through your newsletters, like roundups, before & after, tutorials or the latest work you’ve completed. If you don’t already have a call-to-action on your website, we recommend integrating one to entice visitors to sign-up and remain engaged with your company following their visit.


If you’re new branding has introduced a specific photography style, you may want to update some of your imagery by further investing in professional photography, whether that’s a shoot or online stock photography, to showcase your brand with the visual style you’ve now established.

View some of our photography.

It’s the little things…

Don’t forget to update additional elements like:

+ your email signature

+ business cards

+ stationery like notecards, letterhead, envelopes and thank you notes

+ packaging elements like custom tags, bags and tissue paper

+ self-promotional elements like hats, shirts and pens

+ presentations and document templates

+ signage and wayfinding

+ advertising and/or marketing campaigns

If you’re interesting in furthering your brand, please contact us here. We’d love to work with you.


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