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Honest Dollar: A Venmo Challenge

September 2, 2020

During the last six months, our local communities have been hit hard by the March tornado and Covid-19. Our team has been looking for a special way to give back to the businesses and workers that have been affected. 

Last Saturday, we decided to start a #venmochallenge on Instagram. We asked our followers to donate 25 cents, 50 cents, or whatever they amount they prefer via Venmo (@honorcreative). Then, we planned to gift the collected amount to a well-deserving worker in the service industry.

Watch all the stories on Instagram here.


Within 24 hrs, we raised over $700 and we just couldn’t wait to share the love. So, we surprised our hard-working server, Kayla, with a $700 tip after dinner. It warmed our hearts to learn she was saving for a new car.


The generous donations continued to pour in and we wanted to spread more good. Yesterday, we gifted Deon $600 to thank him for his outstanding customer service and positive attitude while working at a local grocery store. You’ll definitely want to view the videos below to see his co-worker’s reaction. 


We were so surprised with his coworker’s supportive and genuine reaction. Why not spread the love a little more? Her self-less encouragement should be an inspiration for all.


Be sure to follow along on Instagram as we plan to surprise more members of our community FRIDAY. 

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