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Keeping Meetings Classy & Casual


While the world has turned toward a remote lifestyle, we at Honor are always down for an in-person meeting over drinks. While we are serious about our design work, we like to keep things light when it comes to getting to know our clients. 

Over the years we’ve come to realize that while the “look good, feel good” mentality is true in regard to confidently stepping into a room, it goes beyond just the look of what you’re wearing. We’ve discovered that how your outfit physically makes you feel counts for 50% of the game. 

Truthfully, the blisters from your, albeit gorgeous but rarely worn, pumps aren’t worth the irritating distraction. Feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing gives you the clear headspace to enjoy your company and be fully present.

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you outfits and necessities for all sorts of business or creative-related scenarios. This week we are focusing on classy, casual meeting attire perfect for lunch meetings or drinks at Soho House. The great thing about this outfit too is that it’s comfortable enough to sit at the computer for a few hours before or after your meeting as well. No need for an outfit change. 


First, let’s start with the basics. A classic white tee. We sourced this one from Buck Mason, but any tailored white tee with good thickness will do. It keeps the outfit light and fresh and definitely adds a comfort factor.

Next, we add some straight-leg light-wash jeans. This, again, makes the outfit more casual and comfortable, but adding a pair of jeans free of holes or scuffs will keep a nice level of professionalism.

Now we class it up with a tan blazer. We went with a slightly oversized look for something trendy and breezy. You can pretty much elevate any outfit by adding a blazer to it. 

Finally, we top off the look with some simple gold hoops and some white leather sneakers. Depending on the season, a cute pair of booties could work really well here too. Adding gold jewelry accents is an easy way to elevate an outfit. Go with something lightweight and dainty to blend in with the overall look.

Don’t forget, you’re hair is one of your most important accessories. A power pony is great, but nothing beats the ease of loose waves with a touch of dry shampoo. This is our favorite tool for getting effortless curls quickly.

workwear staples for classy & casual meetings

Be on the lookout for more style and business tips as we share our insider’s guide to running an aesthetically driven design business.

XO The Honor Team


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