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The Photographer Essentials


Every photographer has a different set of items in their bag. I’ve put together a list of a few essentials that I cannot be without when shooting. 

For starters, there’s my camera. I prefer shooting Canon and have been for years. All my lenses fit this body. Better quality cameras are capable of producing higher quality images with finer details. They have better focus features, better lens mounting options with longer focus distances, better depth of field, and more. For me, it’s important to have the best set of tools for the job. Yet, I also believe there are lots of great images made with amateur cameras. It’s really about the operator. So much of successful photography has to do with understanding light and composition.

Next, let’s discuss tethering. CamRanger is a pocket-sized piece of hardware that attaches to my camera via USB cable and creates a WIFI hotspot that can be joined by a computer. This program allows me to push the images I am taking in real time to a laptop or iPad for my clients to view. It also helps my assistants double-check the lighting and settings as we go to make sure we are on track. This is a great item to have to make sure everyone is happy with the way the shoot is going. Don’t forget to use our promo code HonorCreative at checkout to save $20 on the CamRanger 2.

A full day of shooting can leave you exhausted, but the job doesn’t end with the photo shoot. The editing process comes next and that’s when we grab the coffee. Our favorite local coffee shop is District Coffee. They serve up a variety of delicious coffee drinks and local baked goods that help sustain my post-production process. 

I typically push photos to an iPad during the shoot and then use my MacBook Pro to download my memory cards and images. We like to make duplicates and backups for safety. Once the images are on my computer it’s time for editing. We use a program called Capture One. Capture One is an image editing software. The software is used by amateur and professional photographers to catalog, edit, and process image files.

Now, we’ve talked about the items in my camera bag, but another key element of a successful shoot is being comfortable. I love to wear outfits on shoot day that express my style while still allowing me to move easily around a space. 

Let’s start with the basics; jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes you’ve got to squat to get the shot, so I like to wear loose-fitting pants and tops that allow for maximum range of motion. A relaxed pair of jeans and a concert tee help give the outfit an edgy vibe. A sturdy pair of sneakers or boots are a must for all the same reasons. Stay comfortable, mobile, and cute. 

To dress the outfit up a bit I added a knit blazer and a gold chain. Both items still keep me loose and free, yet add some professionalism to the full ensemble. 

And there you have it. That’s what’s in my camera bag. What’s in yours?

XO Brooke


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