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The Branding Chronicles: Beam Smile Design


Say Cheese! Beam Smile Design of Nashville, Tennessee has made a bold imprint on restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Their team was a joy to work with and the final product still has us beaming. Let’s follow the journey of Beam Smile Design.


Beam Smile Design is a restorative and cosmetic dentistry practice located here in Nashville, Tennessee. Offering services such as gum health, tooth alignment, and lip structure, Beam elevates dentistry and stands out in the business. Run by Dr. Thomas Nabors and Dr. Andrea Clegg, Beam is a business you won’t forget.

The idea of the brand standing out was attached to Beam Smile Design early on. In order to convey the fact that they give their clients new confidence, we wanted something bold, bright, and unique but wanted to maintain the elevated feel to reflect their highly effective services.


To first start telling your brand story, we have our clients pick brand words. You may ask, what are brand words? Imagine if your personal life and professional strengths intersected. This is the place from which a unique brand story can be told. During our discovery process with Beam, we discovered these brand words with them:

They wanted to “Give people the confidence to really succeed.”

When diving into these words, the Honor team started to see visuals and aesthetics circling around. We wanted to really highlight the brand words of Refined and Energetic.

Beam Smile Design Moodboard
Beam Smile Design Moodboard
Beam Smile Design Moodboard
Beam Smile Design Moodboard

Image Sourced from Pinterest.


As our pencils were moving, we used visual direction from Beam’s interior office style. A brand encompasses so many different things, and an interior space is a highly important part of the brand. What if a client wants a fresh and bright brand but their interior is dark and rugged? In order to have a complete brand that carries an emotional connection with your audience and represents the personality of your company, everything that comes out of it must be cohesive. As Beam came to life, we wanted to create a clean and polished look to reflect that of their business office, located in Downtown Nashville.

Image Sourced from BEAM Smile Design.


A comprehensive color palette should support your brand message. Keeping it neutral with beautiful creams, beiges, and tans, represented the polished and fresh look the client desired. 


With the pieces coming together, the Honor team wanted to give the brand a little something special; that part that gives it a twist, and feels like the perfect cherry on top. Something to stay timeless but still stand out. We decided to do a twist on the classic sparkle on the tooth concept. Stylizing the sparkle to be pointed, angular, full of personality but still clean and modern. Adding this into the B was a game changer and we knew it would be the winner as soon as we touched the star tip to the B. Watch here our BTS of the dazzling “B”.


The final concept for Beam Smile Design was created. We were so lucky to get the opportunity to help create such a strong and impactful Nashville brand. 

XO, The Honor Team


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